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'Who is a Zionist?' - an ever-present question

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“Who is a Zionist?” - Rolene Marks’ latest blog, published today, tackles this multifaceted question head on. “There has been a lot of debate, discussion and social media brouhaha lately over who is or what defines a Zionist,” writes Rolene.
by ANT KATZ | Dec 14, 2016

Ask a thousand people and you may get variations of, say, 200 different answers. And, of course, everyone thinks that their definition is the only definition.

But Rolene puts it quite succinctly in her newest blog: “In simple terms, Zionism is nothing more than the yearning of the Jewish people to return to their ancient homeland,” she says.

See more YouTube videos that may surprise – such as the one above, and read why Rolene felt that “writing about this is important”.


Rolene writes of the Hebrew peoples' "thousands of years of being made well aware that we are unwelcome in many countries, we have returned en mass to our ancient and ancestral homeland", and reminds us that "Zionism is also the National Liberation Movement of the Jewish people”. 

She also talks proudly of the Jews' rights "to organise ourselves politically and assign it a name that hearkens back to our ancient roots and love for Zion.”

  • Rolene has always been a fervent Zionist and worked as a Zionist communicator in SA prior to making aliyah with her family. She is a busy wife, while still finding time to give to World WIZO and Media Team SA – all while running a communications business.


  1. 3 David B 18 Dec
    yes - the simplest definition without qualifications or discussion is as Rolene puts it -- Well said Rolene 
  2. 2 Jonni 10 Feb
    A definition of a Zionist  :

    A first person who sends a second person to live in Israel on the money of a third
  3. 1 COLIN JANTJIES 12 Jun
    Biblically speking the land of Israel is also called Zion. There are numerous references in the Torah where the word Zion either refers to Jerusalem or to the country. Thus, who is a Zionist? Anyone who loves the G-d of Israel, loves the country and loves the people. A true Zionist need not only be a Jew (for many don't believe). It can also be a non-Jew (there are millions who believe).   


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