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Pre-emptive strikes needed against Hamas and Hezbollah

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For years, we have been bluffing ourselves that we can make peace with Hamas and Hezbollah, and we have been supplying these organisations with cement and many more materials which they have used to develop arms and dig tunnels in preparation for war against Israel. We even allow Qatar to give them money, which is supposed to be used for humanitarian causes, but is instead used for armaments.
by David Gaffan, Ra’anana | Sep 19, 2019

The constitution of Hamas provides for the destruction of Israel. It openly states this as its primary purpose. It has failed to uphold living conditions in Gaza, and blames Israel’s security barriers as the cause, instead of admitting that all monies received are used for armaments.

Everyone knows that eventually there is going to be a big war between Israel and Hamas. It has no other enemies except for the Palestine Liberation Organisation, which we can’t imagine it going to war with. So why is it producing such a volume of arms and digging tunnels?

Why are we waiting for the inevitable? They are getting stronger by the day as a result of their efforts to build up armaments, and with the arms provided by Iran.

Why don’t we carry out a pre-emptive strike, and bring them to their knees, capture their leaders, ammunition plants, and install a leadership that is pro-Israel and will not cause any further trouble. Or alternatively, hand Gaza back to the Palestinian Authority under conditions which make future wars impossible.

A pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah is also preferable, as the longer we wait, the stronger it becomes and the more weapons it receives from Iran. We are all aware that its main objective is to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth as it is the proxy of Iran, which has the same agenda.

There is virtually no likelihood of peace being made with these enemies unless the United States agrees to a pact with Israel to come to its assistance if Israel is attacked (which we feel wouldn’t be in Israel’s interest).

Now is also the ideal time as we will have the support of the US president, who will also veto any resolution against Israel at the United Nations. 


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