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Best of the best - Top 35 reads of 2016

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As always, not unlike other media houses, The SA Jewish Report Online published the stories most read during the year. Today, we publish the full list of the 35 stories that our readers read most during 2016. The year turned out more one of issues than of individual stories – with eleven of the Top-35 most read stories on the ongoing saga of father-and-son fugitive lawyers Ronald and Darren Bobroff. Every one of the Top-35 include links to the original stories...
by ANT KATZ | Jan 03, 2017

Other issues trailing the Bobroffs and that feature multiple times on the list, in order of frequency, were the arrest, extradition and trial of Rabbi Eliezer Berland; men refusing their wives Gets; women singing at Jewish communal events - the so-called Kol Isha matter; and the perennial favourite read – the Sunday Times’ Rich Lists from 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

As the annual publication of the SA Rich List indicates, a number of the stories on this list were not published during 2016. The list refers to those stories READ during 2016.

Rich list with kipa logoThis anomaly occurs due to users searching or following links we may highlight which look back to previous years. As the website enjoys a very high level of search engine optimisation, often the reading of a story is the result of someone, somewhere, researching something on Google.

RIGHT: Jews on the Rich List - all four annual stories feature on users' favourite reads of 2016

YOUR Top-35 reads of 2016…


  1. Get refuser Sherman put in cherem by the Beth Din
  2. Guptas to buy SA Jewish Report
  3. Bobroffs charged R25k for one visit to a doctor
  4. Conflict of interest sees Margolis suspended from SAJBD meetings
  5. Bobroffs flee to Oz, bobba left to carry the can
  6. Latest: Elaine Bobroff charges dropped
  7. Husband’s refusal to grant a Get leaves many Jewish women in limbo
  8. Ronald and Darren Bobroff maintain they are innocent of RAF charges
  9. Bobroffs do a runner – at least one wife arrested
  10. Bobroffs brought shame on profession. family and community
  11. Bobroff's running under new management
  12. Finalists & winners for 8 ABSA SAJR Jewish Achiever awards
  13. Berland: Interpol notices issued, extradition process begun
  14. In 2013, 11 Jews were among SA’s top listed earners
  15. Shuvu Banim hold all-night vigil
  16. Exposed! Ronald Bobroff taking SA cases
  17. Who is Berland’s backer Yaron Yamin?
  18. Travails keep piling up for the Bobroffs
  19. Don't take us for fools Mr Mcebo Dlamini (letter)
  20. Balagan extraordinaire as R. Berland’s bail hearing continues
  21. Long John Berks – what a boykie!
  22. Sheila's story: How Bobroff tragedy played out in community
  23. Bark Mitzvoth becoming an industry
  24. Hawks nab R. Berland, SAJR nabs the news
  25. Bobroffs maintain their innocence on charges
  26. Illegal insert found in Jewish Report papers
  27. 16 June 76: A tragic day for a great SA Jew
  28. Equality Court action: Margolis acted alone says SAUPJ
  29. CSO and CAP go their separate ways
  30. Two other men come forward to sign Gets amid community outrage
  31. Kol Isha dispute is settled out of court
  32. Sunday Times 2015 Rich List: Jews well represented
  33. Sunday Times 2016 Rich List: Jews make up over 26%
  34. Huge funeral for Mooz’ Yoni Helper
  35. Hawks thwart ISIS plot to attack SA Jewish institutions


RIGHT: The 2016 Top-Reads series will be represented for the first time with a colour-coded specific branding of a collage of stories from the website during the year. Purple will represent SA Jewish stories or topics; Red for generic or World News stories or topics while Blue will be used for Israeli stories or topics.

Each of these will have the topic of the story in a Red Strip across it to make it easier for user identification.


Watch the website for ongoing reads in the series which will include categories such as South Africa, Israel, World, All-Time Top-Reads as well as some of our favourite writes.

The information extracted is from Google Analytics and represents over 30,000 stories that have been posted in just over three years since the website started publishing (life-of-site),

JR Online will also include the statistics on the readership of the website, who they are, where they live, how many return, how often, how long they spend on the website and how many pages they access on an average visit?


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