• Parshas Ki Tetze - Rabbi Yossi Goldman

    Anti-Semitism has its benefits

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    Whether it manifests in the crude bigotry of the lower classes or the snide subtleties of the upper crust, anti-Semitism is a fact of life.
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    • RabbiBrett

    Man the gates of your personal kingdom

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    Consider this body-mind paradigm shift. What if we viewed the body as a mini kingdom, with the head as the supreme judge and king, the heart as the place of vibrancy and energy, and the limbs as the hubs of busy activity?
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    • RabbiKagan (2)

    The greatest present is the present

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    As the Hebrew month of Elul approaches, thoughts of the upcoming high holidays fill my head and a mixture of emotions fills my heart. Elul is a time of introspection and preparation. The focus moves to the future and our readiness for the days of judgement and pardon, namely Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
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    • RabbiYossyGoldmanpic1 HOME

    Don’t get lost in the wilderness

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    Much has been said and written about the galut mentality, the subservience felt by generations of Jews living in the diaspora. As second-class citizens for so many generations in Eastern Europe and in Arab countries, Jews allegedly came to lose their self-esteem. Finally, in our own time, the old ghetto Jew would be replaced with a proud, strong, independent Israeli. No more would Moshke the Jew cower before Poretz the country squire.
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    • Ilan Herrmann

    Seeing light where others see darkness

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    The Talmud tells us that Rabban Gamliel, Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria, Rabbi Joshua, and Rabbi Akiva went up to Jerusalem. When they reached Mt Scopus, they tore their garments as an act of grief and mourning for the Temple that had been destroyed there. When they reached the Temple Mount, they saw a fox emerging from the place where the Holy of Holies was situated.
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    • Parshas Ki Tetze - Rabbi Yossi Goldman

    Are we really independent?

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    Tens of thousands of Jews will converge on Jerusalem’s Western Wall this week as our people mark Tisha B’Av, our national day of mourning. On this day in history, both our holy temples were destroyed, and a host of other calamities have occurred throughout the centuries.
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    • RabbiMalcolm

    Danger of making incidental significant

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    While encamped on the eastern side of the River Jordan, the tribes of Reuben and Gad, owners of cattle, observed that the Land of Jazer and Gilead was suitable for the rearing of livestock. Knowing that the people of Israel were about to cross over the Jordan to enter the land of Canaan, they asked that they be allowed to remain and settle on the east side of the river.
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    • ParshaRabbiPink

    It’s wiser to be an activist than a critic

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    In the aftermath of Pinchas’ slaying of Zimri and Kozbi at the end of last week’s Torah portion, we read this week how some of the Jewish people complained about him. They found it difficult to believe that someone who came from a lineage such as his could have been genuinely disgusted by Zimri’s acts. So, G-d reminded them that although on one side of his family, Pinchas’ ancestors were non-Jewish idol worshipers, on his father’s side, he was descended from Aaron the high priest.
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    • ParshaRabbiWidmonte

    Crouched in wait for destiny

    Jul 18, 2019 Go comment!
    The Talmud (B’rachot 12b) records that certain sages raised the idea of including an extra section in the Sh’ma, above and beyond the three we read already. This, they suggested, should be taken from this week’s sidrah (portion) Balak. The only reason they refrained from doing so is that it would make the Sh’ma too long for the community.
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    • ParshaRabbiSamThurgood

    The mystery of the red cow

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    The information age has given us an unprecedented ability to understand ourselves, one another, and the world around us. I’m a person with eclectic interests, and have, in my spare time, learned about film criticism, history, engineering, battery design, photography, psychology, design, philosophy, sociology, and lockpicking (I know, right?) All of this has been done without stepping foot in a lecture, but by watching experts on YouTube, and taking online courses.
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    • Rabbi Deren

    Who needs rabbis anyway?

    Jul 04, 2019 Go comment!
    A small group of daring though deeply spiritual people gathered in the Sinai desert 3 330 years ago with a bold proposition: to create a framework wherein man and G-d engage directly without any space or need for further human intervention – “we are all holy in the eyes of G-d”.
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    • Ilan Herrmann

    Learning to live under water

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    Each of the 12 tribes had a great spiritual leader. Moses dispatched them to scout the land of Canaan in advance of its intended conquest.
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    • RabbiLandau (2)

    Positively brilliant

    Jun 20, 2019 Go comment!
    In this week’s parsha, some of the Jewish people are taken to task for complaining. First, they complained of exhaustion as a result of their travels in the desert, and second, they complained about the manna that Hashem gave them as food. In both cases, Hashem was actually being kind to them! He made them travel quickly in order to enter the land of Israel, and the manna He fed them was a miraculous food that gave energy, satiation, and helped them to think.
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    • ChiefRabbi

    Shavuot: always receiving

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    The year was 1935, and the Spanish government was making elaborate plans to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Rambam’s birth, seemingly a great honour and proud moment for Jews everywhere.
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    • WendyAmsellem

    The power of shaping people’s sense of self

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    Shavuot, 49 days after Passover, marks the jubilant end to the exodus. On Passover, the people of Israel left Egypt, but it is only on Shavuot that they become G-d’s chosen people by accepting the Torah at Sinai.
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    • RabbiChaikinUSE

    The precious tradition of all night Torah study

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    I recall my sense of excitement the first time I was allowed to come to shul with my father on Shavuot for the all-night Torah vigil. I felt so big!
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    • RabbiGreg

    The diamond with 70 facets

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    Shavuot celebrates zman matan torateinu – the time of the giving of the Torah. From time to time, I am asked if progressive Jews have a different Sefer Torah to orthodox Jews. At first, the question just bowls me over. Open the ark in any shul, orthodox or progressive, and you will find the identical scrolls with the identical scribal texts so sacred to our people. But I get the question behind the question: if we have the same Torah, how is it possible that we often differ in the way we read it?
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    • IrwinKula

    Shavuot: seeing the face of G-d

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    The Jewish festival of Shavuot – the Feast of Weeks – celebrates the encounter between G-d and the people of Israel at Mount Sinai. As described in the Biblical book of Exodus, the newly freed children of Israel receive the Ten Commandments, establish a covenant with G-d, and become a holy nation – a distinctive, set-apart people, committed to live as a model of justice and righteousness.
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    • Plate 1 - Tuna

    Winning Shavuot competition recipes

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    Jews love food, but not all of us love cooking. However, whether you are a budding chef or not, there is nothing better than a recipe that always gets rave reviews. KosherWorld called on the community to participate in a Shavuot Cooking Competition and the response was overwhelming.
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    • JTALactoseFree

    For lactose intolerant Jews, Shavuot is a challenge

    Jun 06, 2019 Go comment!
    (JTA) Many modern-day Jews aren’t all that familiar with Shavuot, which celebrates the day when the Israelites first received the Torah from G-d, and falls seven weeks after Passover marked their exodus from Egypt.
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