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“SA Lawyers for Israel” get up & running

The fight for the rights of Israel - against public& private institutions & NGOs such as BDS - is about to heat up. Local chapters of a project originated by well-known Israeli activist Barry Shaw dubbed “Lawyers for Israel” is spreading like wildfire internationally – & both Cape Town & Joburg chapters will be formally constituted with 10 days.
by ANT KATZ | Feb 23, 2014

"The global legal campaign, with Jewish lawyers worldwide conducting lawfare against the enemies of Israel and Jewry everywhere and at every level has been developing exponentially over the past month,” says prominent Cape Zionist and Likud-SA vice chair David Abel.

Lawyers in Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States and France are leading the fight back worldwide against anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism, with independent Lawyers for Israel NGOs in South Africa, the Netherlands and several other countries planning to link up in a global association.

The overall driver and facilitator of this extraordinary fight back (with clout that has already achieved many significant successes) is Israel's Barry Shaw - Specialist Consultant on delegitimisation issues at the Dialogue Centre, Natanya Academic College.

Ben LevitasIn South Africa, David Abel, Leon Reich and Ben Levitas and have been instrumental in setting up the independent South African Lawyers For Israel (SALFI). “At this stage,” says Abel, “SALFI is centred in Cape Town and Joburg, with plans to expand to all the main urban areas of the country."


The lawyers who will participate in this project will not all be Jewish, but all will be supporters of Israel.

The formal founding meeting of the Cape Branch, which is by invitation only, will take place in Cape Town on Wednesday 26 March and in Joburg the following week. Well-known Joburg lawyer Hugh Raichlin sits on the panel.

SALFI has thus far been assisting in investigating further leads in the irrefutable evidence of BDS-SA’s involvement with endorsing the use of public funds to support Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) – first exposed by Professor David Rosenberg.

They are also investigating how BDS, together with students and university staffers at Rhodes University, encouraged the use of purposeful targeting, entrapment and attempting to remove a senior Jewish staffer who was against IAW said Leon Reich previously.


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  1. 3 Israeli 25 Feb
    How will lawyers for Israel help in combatting the resolve of the S.African government and many N.G.Os. in their anti Israel stance? I believe it will only strengthen their position. They will simply garner the support of anti-Israel Muslim lawyers.
  2. 2 David Abel 27 Feb
    To Israeli: that kind of negativity and galut type mentality will certainly not be part of SALFI's make up. Doing nothing - or allowing the enemies of Israel to go unchallenged - are not acceptable situations for free and proud Jews living in a democratic country.
  3. 1 Israeli 27 Feb

    If you can name one Diaspora country where Jews have influenced the attitude of an anti- Israel government, I would agree with your theory.

    Galut is galut; it is not a mentality. There is no way an exile Jew can escape his galut mentality as long as he (voluntarily) remains in exile.

    By trying to influence hostile hosts you are doing nothing positive except defending the exile.

    So rather be 'negative' and do nothing. Better still; Encourage the young generation to make Aliyah.


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