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Fed elects new national office bearers

Read who’s out, who’s in, and where they are placed after the SAZF’s four yearly national elective conference on Sunday.
by ANT KATZ | Mar 09, 2015

Ben takes chair


On Sunday 8 March the South African Zionist Federation held their four-yearly national elective conference. Long-serving chairman Avrom Krengel has handed over the reins to Ben Schwartz and, after twelve years at the helm, moved into the president’s office.

The new national committee and office bearers are as follows:

Hon Life Presidents

  • Advocate Jonathan Silke
  • Marcia Parness

Honorary Life Vice-Presidents

  • Reeva Forman
  • Suzanne Edmunds
  • Moonyeen Castle


  • Avrom Krengel

    Sound of Celebration II FULLChairman

    • Ben Swartz (Pictured RIGHT)


      Vice Chairmen

    • Greg Kinross
    • Harold Jacobs
    • Mark Hyman
    • Nicci Raz
    • Stuart Stone
    • Tamar Lazarus



    • Prof Antony Arkin
    • Anthony Rosmarin
    • Neal Daskal


  1. 9 Max 09 Mar
    Who was the previous president?
  2. 8 Choni 09 Mar
    David Hirsch, Just as you predicted.
  3. 7 Jonni 10 Mar
    I thought that Krengel would step down completely... [sorry, "Jonni", the remainder of your comment has been deleted as you can't say these thing anonymously  -ED]
  4. 6 Mordechai 11 Mar
    Is the new President the same Avrom Krengel who not only met with PA Chairman Abbas a week after a number of Jews were butchered while davening in Jerusalem and Abbas PA called the butchers Martyrs, and then to add insult to injury Avrom Krengel  and Mary Klug could not praise Abbas enough. If it is how can the S African Jewish community allow this appointment to go ahead ?
  5. 5 trevor 11 Mar
    krengel is an apologist who thinks by wearing a kippa it makes him holy and therefore everything he says and does is correct and in the name of all zionists
  6. 4 Jacob 16 Mar
    Trevor you have to remember this is a clique with very big ego's.
  7. 3 Mordechai 17 Mar
    All the strings are pulled by puppet master Goldstein
  8. 2 Mike 18 Mar
    Ant, this needs correcting and re-publishing. Stephen Zagey of Likud SA should also appear on the list of vice-chairmen.  
  9. 1 ANT KATZ 18 Mar
    Hi Mike, This is the list that supplied to us by the Fed. They subsequently asked us to send it back to them to verify that we had been sent all the correct names and offices - which they again confirmed as correct. Please can you take this up with the SAZF and discuss. We will gladly add Stephen to the list if the Fed confirms it.
    Best regards, Ant


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