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MDA/Israel humanitarian aid for Madagascar

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In the wake of a devastating cyclone and torrential rain that hit Madagascar in February, Israel, through the auspices of Mashav, the Israeli Agency for International Development Co-operation, sent a shipment of concentrated food to disaster-stricken communities on the island. MDA-SA's chair, Mark Hyman, was recently elected a vice chair of the national executive of the SAZF.
by MARK HYMAN | Mar 31, 2015

Fourth-largest of the world’s islands, Madagascar is prone to cyclones and tropical storms during the rainy season, particularly from January to April.

Likudmeet 2015 Ben
This year a severe weather system hit the southwest coast on February 22, leaving over 23 000 people in dire need of food and shelter.

RIGHT: An e'Pap bag on it's way to Madagascar

Israel’s Ambassador to Madagascar Yoram Elron, conveyed the island’s official request for humanitarian assistance to the head of Mashav, Ambassador Gil Haskel.

Enter MDA-SA

It was decided that the most effective aid would be provision of concentrated food able to sustain people for several days.

Likudmeet 2015a lowresMashav then collaborated with Magen David Adom South Africa, the Israeli Medical Emergency Service in South Africa (MDA-SA) and their chairman Mark Hyman and arranged the purchase of bales of e’Pap.

LEFT: Part of the three tons of e'Pap paid for by Israel and destined for Mauritius

The fortified precooked food is formulated to restore optimum micronutrient status and fight malnutrition.

A shipment of over 100 000 food portions (three tons in all) of e’Pap was shipped to Madagascar from South Africa this month .

On arrival, it was transferred to the local Red Cross for distribution to the most affected communities

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