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Nukes: US capitulated to Iran, says Kemp

  • Kemp
Israel’s enemies had instigated the greatest, longest and most effective slur campaign against it in the history of the world, Colonel Richard Kemp, OBE, told a packed audience at the HOD hall in Orchards in Johannesburg at a meeting arranged by the SA Zionist Federation and South African Friends of Israel.
by MICHAEL BELLING | Oct 21, 2015

Pictured : Colonel Richard Kemp speaking out in support of Israel.

The Arabs had adopted this sophisticated strategy because they knew they could not destroy the Jewish state by military means and many in the outside world had come to believe what they claimed.

Kemp, former commander of the British forces in Afghanistan and strong supporter of Israel, spoke on Israel, ISIS and the future of the world.

The slur strategy had resulted in Israel being accused by the UN Human Rights Commission of war crimes in its recent conflicts, “but there was no army in the world that took the care and extensive steps” Israel did to avoid civilian casualties.

Very few if any army had the same morality and care with regard to civilians.

“There was not a shred of military expertise on the Human Rights Commission,” Kemp said.

Double standards were applied to everything Israel did in the military sphere, illustrated by the muted response to the recent American bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan.

Rhodes Avrom Krengel

RIGHT: Fed President Avrom Krengel introduced Kemp, saying he had been the only voice standing up for the IDF in giving testimony to the Goldstone Commission

The July Iran deal effectively permitted Iran to become a nuclear armed state. The United States had negotiated from a position of strength, but had capitulated to Iran, Kemp said. The $150 billion to be paid to Iran would aid that country’s imperial ambitions.

“For at least the next 18 months Iran has a free hand because (US President Barack) Obama has invested so much political capital to achieve the agreement. He has given them everything they demanded.”

Kemp said the Russian involvement in Syria might be the greatest game changer in many years. It had constrained what Israel and the United States could do in there.

The Islamic State “represents a great threat, not just to the region, but to the entire world,” Kemp stressed.

“It controls territory, infrastructure and resources and may get the capability to launch significant attacks on the West.”

ISIS had to be destroyed, but the West had only paid lip service to this.

The attacks in Israel now were a difficult situation that was hard to control.

“How do you stop one person with a knife or rock?”

Kemp termed US Secretary of State John Kerry’s attributing the violence to settlement activity “despicable”. It had nothing to do with settlement activity, but was a continuation of violence going back to before 1948.

“It was not an expansion of settlements on the West Bank as Secretary Kerry horrifically said it was.”

He added: “The Palestinians do not want an independent state. They don’t want a two-state solution. If they did, why do they consistently refuse to make any concessions for peace, refuse offers of peace, indoctrinate their people (against Israel and the Jews)?

“They want it all. They want the destruction of the Jewish state.”

Israel’s Ambassador to South Africa Arthur Lenk expressed hope for quieter days for all, saying Kemp’s comments about the IDF “resonated for all those who were prepared to listen”.

SA Zionist Federation President Avrom Krengel introduced Kemp, saying he had been the only voice standing up for the IDF in giving testimony to the Goldstone Commission.

SAZF Chairman Ben Swartz said Zionists were not alone in South Africa. SAFI was reaching out to those friends.


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