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Women singing: Religious vs Constitutional rights

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JR users posted hundreds of comments last month. The hot-button topic of the day is the banter of divergent opinion on the issue of the Cape Town SAJBD being sued in the Equality Court over women not being allowed to sing at secular events – the halachic doctrine of ‘Kol Isha’ - which has itself seen almost 50 comments totalling in excess of 12 000 words being posted. As things stand, it seems that if neither side backs down, religious rights vs constitutional rights are set to be tested for the first time.
by ANT KATZ | May 03, 2016

User comments on a website are very similar to Letters to the Editor in print publications and offer a platform for the medium’s user-base to voice their opinions, while others may rebut these with their own opinions.

Often, the comments section of community news websites such as this are more like a minyan in a shul, where everyone is reading from the same page.

14-Chirp new HOMEAt other times, depending on the issues, the comments section becomes quite heated.

Of course Jewish Report has to moderate (and often censor, or simply not publish) certain comments.

This is an interactive website and every single item offers users the facility to have their say – or, often, to spark a conversation.

So, users, feel free to join the conversation.

Users are welcome to comment in their own names and submit an e-mail address or remain anonymous by means of noms de plume – although the criteria for moderation is somewhat more stringent for the latter.

The hot  topic at the moment is the back-and-forth banter of completely different opinions on the issue of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies being sued in the Cape Town Equality Court over women not being allowed to sing at secular events – the halachic doctrine of ‘Kol Isha’ - which has now seen over 12 000 words posted by users in almost 50 comments.

Here’s where you will find them:


Certain issues never disappoint and are more likely than not to end up in a fiery tête-à-tête. These include stories on: Orthodox vs Progressive opinions; Left- vs Right-wing Zionism; and non-heterosexual issues.

But often it is something completely different and unexpected – and often those making comment are well-known voices in the community.

Last month saw a considerable chirp-fest between readers on our story “Why 3 videos of a West Bank shooting are roiling Israel”.

Readers who want to check out our policies regarding comments can find our COMMENT GUIDELINES here and there is also a host of information on our privacy policy and other general LEGAL POLICIES.


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  1. 1 nat cheiman 04 May
    To air this in public is irreverent.
    Regrettabl as it is, it is going to done in a very public forum as the Cape High Court, sitting as the Equality Court, yesterday set it down for two days in open court in August - story to come  -Online Editor


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