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‘Vote for Kindness’ is what pol's should do

  • Masinter
With the municipal elections around the corner - Wednesday, August 3 - each candidate has declared his or her manifesto, filled with promises of jobs, flushing toilets, service delivery and what the DA, ANC, EFF, ACDP, the Freedom Front Plus and other minor parties will do if South Africans vote them in.
by SUZANNE BELLING | Jul 27, 2016


But will this change South Africa?

American politicians are also promising the world in their upcoming national elections but will Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s promises really change the lives of the vast majority of US citizens? Maybe; maybe not.

The late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, OBM, when speaking to a CNN reporter, who asked him for his message to the world to change it for the better, replied: “Increased acts of goodness and kindness.”

In line with the late Rebbe’s message and coinciding with the country’s political campaign, Chabad is going all out to promote its own campaign throughout Johannesburg. It is giving out yellow plastic arks which people should fill with money and give to whomever they consider is needy.

Over one million arks are already in circulation. “It is not a fundraising campaign,” emphasises Rabbi David Masinter, director of Chabad House and of the annual Miracle Drive. “The money donated goes to anyone the giver thinks is less fortunate. We will not take any money back.”

Just like the politicians have their messages on posters all around the country, Rabbi Masinter has arranged his own on street poles, which state, “Vote for Kindness”.

“We live in a world which is so dark right now. There are beheadings, terrorism, stabbings and we live in fear. We must not forget the power of the individual to change the world. Our manifesto is the Rebbe’s message.

“Just a little bit of light dispels the darkness. An act of goodness and kindness dispels negativity,” Rabbi Masinter said.

He has enlisted the support of top sports people and celebrities “across the board” to endorse the “Change Our World for Good” campaign.

Many companies have supported the campaign and the arks are available at supermarkets and numerous other outlets. Fashion houses have been given the appropriate slogan, “It’s time for kindness to come back into fashion”, while dentists and doctors have been asked to give out the message: “Say Arrrrrrk.”

“But,” says Rabbi Masinter, “It is a very serious campaign to change our world for good. Bad actions create bad energy; bad speech brings about bad karma.” Conversely, good actions and good speech bring about positive energy.”

So, whatever candidate you vote for in the South African elections, you cannot make a wrong choice by voting for the qualities of goodness and kindness.


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