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Wits student called a 'Mother-f***ing Jew’

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“Kill a Jew”and “F*** the Jews” and you "Mother-f***ing Jew" are certainly not terms SA Jewry is used to facing - although mostly when they have, it has been at Wits University. The Board of Deputies’ national executive director, Wendy Kahn, issued a statement late Tuesday advising the community that “the Dean of Students has confirmed that the graffiti has been removed and that an investigation to ascertain the perpetrators is underway.” The burning question is whether it arises from within the campaign, or in the fog of it...
by ANT KATZ | Nov 01, 2016

It is a display of blatant anti-Semitism and must not be tolerated say Jewish students at Wits after discovering horrendous anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls of Solomon Mahlangu House ( formerly Senate House) on Monday.

The SA Union of Jewish Students’ (SAUJS) outgoing national chairman, Dani Hovsha, says students found the graffiti on Monday but it may have been painted over the weekend.

wits jews1The statements read “Kill a Jew”and “F*** the Jews” and appear to have been written by the same person. Hovsha says the students have lodged an official complaint with Wits and will be meeting management to “find a way forward”.

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies’ national executive director, Wendy Kahn, issued a statement late Tuesday advising the community that “the Dean of Students has confirmed that the graffiti has been removed and that an investigation to ascertain the perpetrators is underway.”

RIGHT: Anti-Semitic graffiti on the  walls of Solomon Mahlangu House 

The newly-elected national chairman, Gabriel Zollmann, told Jewish Report on Tuesday that “SAUJS has demonstrated that we are at the forefront of these issues, and that we will work tirelessly for the rights of our constituency of students.”

Wits Jews Spotlighting

LEFT: Anti-Semitism watchdog, SpotlightingSA, published a copy of the two images today

Another recent SAUJS chairman, Natan Pollack, told SAJR that the students simply “don’t know where this is coming from yet.”

“At a time like this,” said Pollack, the #feesmustfall movement must note that “these types of acts, in this case of anti-Semitism, will push minorities away from the cause.” Natan says that while he believes minorities are strongly supportive of the principles of the movement, they are “denying” themselves supporters. There needs to be “a movement made towards including minorities (in the #feesmustfall movement) and not excluding them,” he said.

Dani Hovsha says that while there has been open anti-Zionist expression on campuses, she believes that the #feesmustfall movement has allowed an anarchic and sometimes un uncontrolled space into which other people can come “and create vandalism.”

Wits JewsTwo weeks ago a Jewish student was “verbally accosted with anti-Semitic remarks on Wits main campus,” say SAUJS on their Facebook page. In fact, the student was called a `Mother-f***ing Jew’. “SAUJS unequivocally condemns the anti-Semitism that is being demonstrated on campus. There can be no justification for such hateful, ignorant and offensive acts.

RIGHT: This was written on a blackboard

“SAUJS has been in contact with the office of the Dean of Students to ensure that the graffiti be removed and to find those responsible,” say the students.

SAUJS believes that “every student on campus should be free from intimidation, regardless of their race, religion, gender or self-identification.” And, they say, Jewish students are no exception.

They have called on the university and the Student Representative Council (SRC) to condemn this blatant act of anti-Semitism in the strongest possible terms.

The Board’s Wendy Kahn said that the anti-Semitic graffiti “is indicative of the ugly racism that has unfortunately surfaced during the Fees Must Fall Protest.”

Hate-filled graffiti like this has no place in our country and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms, said Kahn. “Legitimate causes like Fees Must Fall must not be allowed to be sullied by hate and threats of this nature.”


  1. 7 Mordechai 02 Nov
    It's time for the Jewish community to go. If this is not a sign to go then nothing ever will. It is the DUTY of S Africa's Jewish leaders to openly promote this, including the Rabbinic leaders. Rabbi's please urge the community to go...I beg you. This is more important than any Shabbat Project, and the time and energy spent on promoting "keeping one Shabbat a year is ok" should be spent on urging Jews to leave 
  2. 6 David B 02 Nov
    What makes anyone think that it needed the 'Fees must fall protest' to bring out this blatant racism and anti Semitism?
       It has been there all the time just simmering and waiting for any opportunity to raise its ugly head.
       We unfortunately have this jealousy and anti semetic rhetoric - and more importantly, blatant hatred of anything Jewish or Israeli, within the ranks of Muslim students , and now, a minority of black university students.
       It is becoming a way of life to blame Jews for any problem that rears it's head   
  3. 5 Dr C D Goldberg 03 Nov
    There is no need to leave South Africa, provided the hate speech laws and the South African Constitution is put to full use. We have laws in South Africa to deal with this. However Jews have to become more security conscious and work with the authorities in this regard.
  4. 4 Jp 04 Nov
    Be a light to the nations - fulfill the mandate of Torah, be upright and ethical, just and fair, caring and generous, humble and energetic, Menches and Meichels

    There are many lovers of Jews in SA who see us as people of Gd. If we are people of Gd then what need we fear? Only if we are not people of Gd should we be looking over our shoulder...
  5. 3 Dr C D Goldberg 04 Nov
    With the strict hate laws and Constitution that we have in South Africa, it is surprising that not enough Jews from other parts of the world are not immigrating or making South Africa their permanent home and help to grow the economy of South Africa. It is very sad because high levels of crime (and grime) that may South African Jews emigrate to other countries, so that their loved ones can feel safe, despite the economic hardships and low standards of living they face in these new countries that they emigrate to.
    It sad that this graffiti happened at a world class university, but then nothing surprises me, because 21 to 25 million people (including 6 million) Jews were brutally tortured and murdered by the Germans, collaborators and some of their allies. And it must be remembered that the bulk of perpetrators were highly educated people with a university degree behind their name. History is repeating itself, and mankind does not learn from history. The culprits of these digesting actions must be publicly named and shamed and made an example of. Racism and anti-Semitism must become a thing of the past once and for all.
  6. 2 yitzchak 06 Nov
    hey Mitchell Hunter!
    You protested antisemitism in one of your signed petition.(Sunday Times 2014)Now's your chance to act(and I don't mean the Market Theatre)
  7. 1 Julz 11 Jul
    I'm also wondering what Mitchel Joffe Hunter thinks about this, given his anti-Israel stance and his recent protests against white students wanting to return to their studies at WITS. (see vid below showing his hypocritical methods). Learning institutions have become a playground for bigots and a breeding ground for race-hate, propaganda and subterfuge.


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